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Mission Statement

As humans many believe it is our right to own animals and most people cherish them as beloved family members. Unfortunately, this belief has led to so many being abandoned, abused and neglected and waiting in shelters to be euthanized or locked away waiting to be rescued.

A large majority of these beautiful souls are loving, healthy and just waiting for someone to adopt them and if they are not in a kill shelter they may get that chance. Sadly, there are also those that can’t be immediately placed for adoption due to issues such as health or safety. So many have suffered at the hands of their owners and have lost trust and learned to fear. Many times they will be destroyed because no other options were available to the shelter and help did not or could not come in time.

Shelters are very limited by regulations they must adhere to or lack of resources. They depend heavily on volunteers and rescue organizations to find foster homes and eventually adoptive homes if possible. One of the limitations put upon those willing to foster a dog from a shelter is the “501 rule”, being that the shelters regulations do not allow them to release the special case dogs directly to willing foster homes and will only release them to 501c3 registered rescues.

Many of the 501c3 rescues by their own decision will only accept certain breeds and within those breeds certain criteria. If a 501c3 decides not to or can’t step up and sponsor the release of the dog to a foster home, the dog will remain at the shelter and in many cases time runs out and they are euthanized. This is tragic and becomes extremely political and the only ones that lose are the dogs that are left behind.

This situation is our soul motivation in forming Hulks Helping Hands Rescue 501c3 Non-Profit. Our focus is about the dogs urgent need rather than the breed and we will work with shelters to foster the dogs that are released to our care without having our hands tied in red tape. We will do everything possible to provide the Vet care, rehab and training needed to place these beautiful animals in loving homes.


“For every dog locked behind the shelter bars

there is a special person waiting to heal the scars”

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