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available for Adoption

Marico and Maurico are adult black and white chihuahuas. They came to Hulks from a hoarder type situation. They did not receive much if any human interaction prior to arriving. Marico and Maurico are still shy and still have some fear issues. Their perfect home would be with a single individual , no children, very quite and have plenty of patience to help them regain their trust with humans.

Paige is one of Hulks long timers. Paige came to Hulks from a puppy mill . Paige is extremely loving and great with humans but can be extremely picky regarding her four legged friends. She does not like female dogs at all so she must go to a male dog home only. Paige does great in the house and loves to lounge on the sofa. 

Paris is a 3 year old French bulldog and Boston terrier mix. When Paris came to Hulks, she was paralyzed in her back hips.  After months of rehab, extensive physical therapy, Paris now is able to walk and run without a wheelchair. Paris did not have the best life prior to Hulks and is still hesitant with certain situations. Paris gets along with other dogs as long as she is separated at feed time. Paris loves the water and absolutely loves body massages and attention from her humans.

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