Hulks group was formed in support of shelter rescue dog Hulk Hogan and his foster Mom, Elizabeth Whiteley. Many great people have stepped up to support Elizabeth in her rescue of Hulk and now it must move into a new calling, as a 501c3 Rescue. When Hulk was found in dire need in the Cuyahoga County Ohio Animal Shelter a call to rescue went out for help in getting him released from the shelter. Hulk was in extremely frail physical condition. He was wasting away to skin and bones, open sores on his body and his mouth and he was giving up.


Through a network of caring and involved volunteers and dog lovers we were able to connect the pieces and get him released to the loving hands of Elizabeth. Although she knew there would be expenses involved, once she saw Hulk when he was delivered to her, she knew he was in urgent need of a VET. He was severely dehydrated and emaciated.


Elizabeth took him immediately to an ER Vet where it was determined he had an intestinal blockage of an unknown kind and advised to see a specialist ASAP. The Specialist VET removed several sections of rope he had swallowed that had been in his gut for months leaving him unable to digest properly. Hulk is an amazing boy and a fighter. He did not give up and neither did Elizabeth. Today he is a different dog and in a very short time Elizabeth brought him back from the brink and into her loving home, he is now a member of her family and has stolen many hearts. He is the inspiration behind the formation of Hulks Helping Hands Rescue (HHHR).


Elizabeth has rescued many dogs from horrible situations and given them the rehab and care they needed to be returned to health and fostered them until placed into loving homes. She has done this all on her own at great expense and with no outside help. She is set up to receive many dogs for fostering as well and when called on from the local Shelter, Rescues and owners she steps up. Many dogs are in shelter situations in dire need but will not be released unless to a 501c3 Rescue and many times due to breed specifics and other limitations, rescues can't step up to pull them. Elizabeth wants that to not stand in her way of saving these beautiful animals in need of a hero.